Electronic controls

Keiback & Peter plant controllerMost modern applications utilise digital controllers to monitor and control all aspects of every day operation. The control of HVAC systems are critical to the efficiency and reliability of the system.

Correctly set up controls will optimise your equipment, with careful design controllers can operate from simple systems to complex networked schemes.


At Batecool we can programme and commission our preferred range of electronic controllers, the controllers can be built into the control panels in configurations suitable for the clients needs.

Controllers can be networked to allow for mini BMS systems running on INTERNET EXPLORER software at surprisingly low prices. We cater for the following controls...


Simple Controllers

  • simple elliwell controller

    Eliwell , Dixell & LAE temperature and defrost controllers
  • Carel Universal Series
  • Carel Cella Cool Series


Programmable Controllers

  • Carel pCO controllers

    Carel pCO controllers
  • Kieback & Peter HVAC controllers
  • Johnson DX controllers




Intelligent Relays

IMO smart relayIntelligent relays are a simplified PLC controller. The modules cut down space required within the panel and take the place of multiple relays / timers and counters. we utilise these devices in many HVAC applications...




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