HCFC phase out

Refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) plant may still use HCFC refrigerants. from Jan 2010 the phase out of these refrigerants will become active. It will be illegal for us to charge any system containing such refrigerants with Virgin HCFC refrigerants. Reclaimed HCFC refrigerants will still be allowed, but it is unlikely that the stocks will be available.

The ban does not mean that your equipment containing such refrigerants needs to be decommissioned. The equipment will however, still need to comply with the F gas regulations as explained in the "F gas" menus above.

In some circumstances it will be uneconomical to repair or modify equipment containing HCFC refrigerants, owners must take this opportunity to look toward replacement where possible, and avoid costly down times...


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Refrigerants are claffied in groups of CFC, HCFC and HFC types.
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