Cold store
Cold store

Modular cold store (Pharmaceutical)

Free standing modular cold store for storage of goods between 2 ~ 6 Deg C

The floorless room was equipped with 1 x manual sliding door and 1 x pedestrian door

Two individual refrigetaion systems (each capable of 100 % duty) were installed to give full back up

Each refrigeration system is rotated for duty every 12 hrs, ensuring no system stands idle

Each refrigetaion system is called for duty upon a fault to the oposing system

An individual temeprture alarm system calls both systems for duty upon a high alarm,

and disables both systems upon a low alarm

This set up allows for full back up keeping insurance companies happy

LED lighting and emergency bulkheads installed as standard

Warehouse temperature control
Warehouse temperature control

Warehouse ambient temperature control

Works were carried out to mainitain year round temperatures within a 600 pallet warehouse

The systems were designed to maintain temperatures between 15 ~ 25 Deg C

(20 Deg C nominal)

For this application four large air to air heat pump systems were utilised at high level.

Fabric duct was used to disribute the conditioned air around the warehouse, avoiding cold or warm spots.

Typical storage of temperature sensative goods such as Phamacuetical items...