Packaged air conditioning

Daikin CUATP40 packaged unit

The packaged air conditioning system usually refers to a self contained system that is fully integrated into one package. Packaged systems can serve a variety of areas to control temperature and, or humidity of the area served...

Packaged systems can be designed and adapted to suit internal or external areas, that are restricted by size and noise issues. Popular systems installed are mainly ducted systems with the duct work distributing the circulated air throughout the areas served.

Standard units can be equipped with...

  • Full fresh air or recirculated air systems
  • Heating via gas burners, hot water, heat pumps, direct heating elements or steam
  • Cooling via chilled water coils or direct refrigerant expansion
  • A range of heat exchangers and economisers
  • Humidification via steam or atomised water
  • De humidification via cooling and heating arrangements
  • Air purification via electrostatic or ultra violet treatments
  • A range of standard or specialist filtration systems

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