Air Movement

For any kitchen ventilation system to achieve the desired air flows, a suitable extraction and supply system must be installed. Kitchen extraction systems must be designed to cope with the type and amount of cooking taking place. Design of the kitchen capture hood and associated ventilation system are critical to the system operation.

Extraction systems range from simple through wall systems, to more complex long distance ducted systems. Design of the kitchen extraction termination, needs careful consideration to comply with building regulations and environmental issues...

Supply air systems are essential to obtain an air flow through the kitchen extraction system. A supply air system must provide up to 85% of the extraction air volume. Systems can be installed with filtration, heating and heat recovery depending upon the area served.

 All systems are installed to HVCA standard DW/172.

Our systems can be fully speed controllable, with electronic control. Fire suppression systems can be arranged via specialist contractors.

For filtration options see "GREASE & ODOUR CONTROL" section.

At BATECOOL we offer a full design and installation service for complete kitchen ventilation systems.

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