Extraction Hoods

Kitchen extraction hoods are available in several different configurations. The kitchen hood is usually installed over the source of fumes and odours, to capture the contaminants. A standard hood is constructed from stainless steel to provide a smart hygienic surface.

Kitchen hoods are designed to suit the cooking range, and type of cooking that will take place within the area. The hood must be installed with a first line of grease and moisture elimination / capture... 

Popular Hoods installed are...

  • Wall overhead hoods in two types of stainless steel
  • Island overhead hoods in two types of stainless steel
  • Condensate hoods in two types of stainless steel

Stainless Steel Finishes

Hoods are manufactured in two basic types of stainless steel depending on the customers requirements...

Brushed stainless steel finish (304 grade). A dull, grained high quality stainless steel finish

Mirror stainless steel finish (430b grade). A high mirror (similar to chrome) stainless steel finish

All kitchen hoods are manufactured and installed following HVCA standard DW/172. Hoods can be manufactured from other materials if required.

Basic Filtration

Filtration within extraction canopies usually comprises of mesh or baffle filters installed  within the hood itself. These filters are only a basic form of filtration and usually consist of a removable / cleanable cartridge. For more details select "GREASE & ODOUR CONTROL" from the Kitchen Ventilation menu.

Wall Linings

The installation of wall or infill linings to provide a matching hygienic surface is regularly undertaken when installing kitchen hoods. The main materials used are the two types of stainless steels listed above.

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