What Is An F Gas..?

"F Gases" are chemicals that contain "Florine" within their chemical make up. The Florine within the gases acts as a powerful green house gas.

A gas described as as a green house gas, will have the potential to form a reflective layer in the stratosphere. This reflective layer causes rays from natural sunlight to reflect back to the earths surface rather than pass through the stratosphere. Thus the build up of greenhouse gases, acts like a pane of glass within a green house, causing the area under the glass to warm up.

This temperature rise effects the entire planets ecosystem, it is in every one's best interest to reduce the release of these harmful gases...

Where are these gases found..?

In our line of work we encounter the "F Gases" in everyday refrigerants used for heating and cooling applications within refrigeration and air conditioning systems. F gases have also been used as blowing agents for foam insulation and certain cleaning applications.

What can we do to minimise loss..?

Part of our works with refrigeration and air conditioning systems involves the safe reclamation of "F gases" from plant requiring repairs, or redundant plant for scrap. The reclamation of "F gas" is now mandatory law the responsible use and actions to minimise loss lies with the operators and owners of plant containing such gases.

"F gas" inspections and surveys are part of our services offered, along with regular servicing and leak inspections to minimise plant "F gas" loss....

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