Solar Cylinders

The circulated water through the external collector is attached to water heating cylinder. Solar cylinders are very similar to the standard domestic hot water cylinders. The twin cylinder is the most popular choice.

Twin solar cylinderstwin solar cylinders

The twin cylinder has two internal heating coils, both coils are totally sealed from the surrounding domestic hot water store. The lower coil is used to circulate the water from the solar collector. The upper coil is connected to a standard heat source (boiler etc). When the solar collector is ample to heat the cylinder the upper coil is not required. When the solar coil cannot produce enough hot water the upper coil completes the heating. The twin cylinder is widely used and eliminates any problems with legionella bacteria...


Single solar cylinderssingle solar cylinder

The single cylinder takes up less space than the twin cylinder above. The single cylinder is used purely for solar heated water. It can be used to preheat water, for example on some newer combination boilers. The problem with the single solar cylinder can be that the water must be periodically heated automatically, to the full storage temperature. This eliminates the risk of legionella bacteria. The additional heating must be done by a separate heating source, and can make the system inefficient...



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