Air Handling Systems

Air handling units as the name suggests, are units dedicated for the movement of air within building spaces. The air handling unit (AHU) can be designed, built and installed to suit a variety of purposes.

AHU's can be internally or externally mounted in virtually any space, depending upon application. The configuration of AHU's are too diverse to list. Basic units will handle temperature and, or humidity control for the specific spaces served.

Basic AHU's fall into two categories...

Constant volume units....These units provide a constant design air flow for supply and, or extracted air

Variable air volume units...These units provide variable air flows depending on the required amount of ventilation / heating or cooling required

The following popular options are available within any AHU build...

Filtration...a variety of filters are available, standard disposable panel and bag types, Hepa filters, electronic ionisers, UV filtration and wet ted cell types.

Heat recovery...Heat recovery can be achieved by using, mixing dampers, plate or thermal wheel heat exchanges.Heat pipes or run around coils are also used as a means of heat recovery.

Heating...Heating units can be achieved using, low pressure hot water, steam coils, direct or indirect gas burners, heat pumps or direct electric heating elements.

Cooling...Cooling can be achieved using, chilled water coils or direct expansion refrigerant coils, evaporative coolers can also be incorporated.

Humidification...Can be achieved using, steam humidifiers or atomised spray units

Air movement...Is achieved using a variety of direct drive or belt driven fan units to suit the individual application. Fan units can be inverter driven and, or multi speed as required.

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