"F" Gas Surveys

For owners and operators of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment (RAC) the need to comply with the "F" gas regulation is mandatory.

We offer full "F" gas site surveys to determine the amount of equipment that must be recorded by the regulations. Our surveys include the following...

  1. Pre site survey to determine qualifying equipment (free of charge)
  2. Offer to client giving costs for full survey of qualifying equipment
  3. Determination and calculation of system operating charges and refrigeration types
  4. Leak test survey on all qualifying equipment
  5. F gas labels showing charge type / quantity / date of inspection
  6. Record sheet for each piece of equipment inspected
  7. Recommendations for improvement (if required)
  8. Site "F" gas equipment lists

A survey will meet the requirements of the "F" gas regulation for RAC plant items. Large fines can be implemented to any organisations not complying with the regulations.

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