What Are The "F" Gas Regulations...?

The "F" gas regulations have been introduced to minimise the loss of gases containing harmful green house chemicals.

The F gas regulations demand the responsible use of f gas substances by not only the service contractor, but the owners and operators of equipment containing them. In refrigeration and AC terms the refrigerants used in modern equipment will be an "Florinated gas" The basic law demands that all equipment containing more than 3 Kg of such gases shall require the following...

  • Regular servicing and leak inspections
  • Correct labeling of type and amount of refrigerant used
  • Service and inspection documents for each system
  • Works to be carried out by REFCOM registered companies

It will be the owners responsibility to ensure that the equipment is regularly inspected at minimal 12 month intervals. Any works carried out upon any system should be recorded along with action / countermeasures.

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