Air Source Heat Pumps

The air source heat pump extracts the low grade heat from the outdoor circulated air. As with all heat pumps the low grade heat is then boosted into usable high grade heat. The systems are similar to the ground source heat pumps, but do not need a buried ground source coil.

If you view the "Air Conditioning" sections on this site, the section mentions heat pumps. The air conditioners are known as "Air to Air" heat pumps. They extract heat from air and deliver heat to air.

Other air source heat pumps can extract heat from air and deliver the heat to a water circuit. These systems are know as "Air to Water" heat pump systems. They extract heat from air and deliver heat to water.

This type of unit is becoming very popular for heating domestic hot water and underfloor heating systems. The Air to water heat pump can be installed in any premises and requires no excavation or planning permission.

With the use of high temperature CO2 models, the units can operate without loosing heating ability, down to an outdoor temperature of minus 25 Deg C. We can offer advice, design, and installations for air to water systems. we also install all associated heating circuits and controls...

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