Alarms & Data Loggers

As part of our service we are able to offer alarm systems and data logging systems to suit cold storage and freezer rooms. Alarm systems are also catered for within server rooms and other temperature critical areas.

Temperature alarms

The installation of suitable temperature alarm systems can protect valuable stock and give warnings prior to major failure of your equipment. Alarm systems can be fully battery backed to give alarm monitoring even in a power failure situation.

Simple alarm panels with autodialers or SMS text messaging can be installed. Plant alarms can also be linked into these systems depending on the clients choice...

Panic alarms

Battery backed panic alarm systems are installed within cold store areas. The alarm system offers a panic alarm button within the cold store.

Any person becoming trapped, activates the button which is linked to an external siren and indication, the system locks in when activated and can only be reset from within the cold store...

Temperature logging

Temperature logging systems can be installed to give multiple temperature readings within one unit. The constant logging of temperatures can give an accurate picture of the controlled environment.

Remote monitoring from any PC is possible with the use of hard wired or wireless technology. Temperature logging can be exported to standard Microsoft packages for printing and data bases etc...

These systems can be retrofitted easily if using wireless sensors and transmitters... 

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